Terms and conditions
1. The packing list and value of the merchandise as detailed as possible is indispensable and must be delivered at the time of shipment, in the absence of a packing list the client exempts Ocean Logistics from any responsibility or claim.

2. The customer will be responsible for the packing of the merchandise, so we will not be responsible for fragile goods badly packed or easily decomposed.

3. If there is any claim, it must be filed within three (3) business days after delivery of the merchandise.

4. If your cancellation is made by check, it will be paid until the bank processes it, and a fine will be charged for those that are returned.

5. You must include your invoice number (s) when submitting your payment.

6. The merchandise may be reviewed by the competent authorities, both in the United States and in Costa Rica.

7. Delivery times will be approximately 3 to 4 weeks, or longer if required by the competent authorities.

8. Ocean Logistics will not be responsible for shipments of televisions packaged in any way other than in the original box or with any other object inside the box, if they are transported in regular boxes or covered with any other type of packaging remains the responsibility Damages caused to them.

9. Boxes carrying some illegal content, such as firearms, cash, drugs, jewelry, etc., will be confiscated and the client will be responsible to the competent authorities, to see the complete list click on the link below:


10. The client accepts all the above conditions and waives any subsequent claim.